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The Dangers Of Nutrition

Everybody today talks about good nutrition. There are research reports and books with some great information on the benefits of nutritional medicines. Some of us are already paying good attention to vitamins and minerals needed and we are already taking some.

But are there any dangers of this phenomena? Well, There are two dangers:

The first danger is to think too much of it.

Just because you have a well-balanced diet doesn’t mean you are guaranteed the immunity against all the diseases in the world. You need to understand that even optimal nutrition cannot completely reverse damage to the body from disease, stress, toxins in our environment, or years of poor eating habits.

Yes, if you had good lifestyle and you consume high quality multivitamins and minerals, you most certainly have increased your chances of a healthy life far more than those who don’t.

The second danger is to think too little of it.

This is far more lethal and you need to do some research to protect yourself with this. Optimal nutrition offers a powerful defense against the attack of degenerative diseases. Thousands of studies have shown the powerfully preventive role of nutrients such as vitamins C, E, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. The amounts found in food are not enough already and if you add the pesticides found in the fruits and vegetables today, it becomes extremely important to ensure that we take additional protection to protect ourselves even more.

Optimal intake of all nutrients combined with a healthy, toxin-free diet has become a necessity in our polluted world. Only by seeking to maximize our health in all ways possible, through a positive mental outlook and exercise combined with a high quality nutritional intake can protect our health from various degenerative diseases. Cancer, heart disease, Osteoporosis and a host of other degenerative diseases otherwise are most commonly ready to decrease the quality and length of all our lives in absence of these precautionary measures.

Some say that nutrition is still too young a science and that optimal levels of nutrients are not yet known. They prefer to go for health-care. We call this “health-care” as “crisis-care”. We don’t need a better health-care system which can attack on the diseases with antibiotics.

Degenerative diseases are a luxury we can no longer afford. We live in 21st century where most of the diseases and their causes were not present a couple of decade earlier. We live in a world where our health is in constant attack from all sides.

We need to create a personal health-care system, the one that actually prevents diseases instead of profiting from them. Only you, by taking personal responsibility, can do it for yourself. The question to ask is, “Am I taking care of my health or am I waiting for a disease to show up?”

If this much was useful enough, what other points you think are important?

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  1. Very good post Shweta indeed! I just came across a news about use of pesticides and it’s impact on pregnancies. Most people don’t know and even if some do, most don’t care to give much attention.

    The link to the news is here:

    We are looking forward for more health tips from you. Great to have you with us.

  2. Great post Shweta! The contents exactly what the title promises, a simple and information-filled article. Looking for more…

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