How Is Your Online Reputation?

You Are Being ‘Googled’

Right now, at this very minute, someone may be trolling the Internet, looking for your name—and it’s not a crazy former classmate or a childhood buddy.Those prying eyes may belong to a potential employer—or a current one—who’s trying to dig up stuff that’s not on your meticulously crafted resume.

A Microsoft survey of HR managers found that 70 percent of companies have rejected possible job candidates because of something they found online and didn’t like. One background-check start-up, Social Intelligence, scans the Web for anything that employers ask for, going back seven years. (That’s right…think hard.)

Ten years ago, the only time any of us really had to worry about our personal information, was when we looked over our shoulders while trying to get some cash out of the ATM. Nowadays, things have changed dramatically. The sooner we understand this and learn to take control, the better prepared we are.

What Do Employers Find About You?

Have you ever ‘googled’ yourself? With a little persistence it’s amazing what can crop up. If you haven’t so far, do the exercise yourself. If nothing comes up, that means you have work to do!

If you are preparing for a job interview, as a smart candidate, you’ve done your research on your prospective employer. Great job! But it’s also important to research what they might have found out about you online too! With Web 2.0 and the social media dominance, ‘Googling’ yourself – and cleaning up your online image – is an important part of interview preparation if you are serious about your career!

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